Popular Design trends  2019

World designers have agreed that in 2019 juicy shades of green will be the most relevant. Thus, for the office we can recommend the design of the room in this particular color range. Green color will positively affect the state of the human nervous system. At the office, where employees spend most of their time at their computers, this color scheme will be more than appropriate. 

Staging Design Furniture

The bedroom should have a quiet pastime, so for its design better to use restrained color palette. In this case, it can be arranged in white, making some elements a rich green accent. To avoid comparing this room with a hospital ward, you can make bright notes with a variety of decor. In 2019, the trend will be shades of blue-green gamut, which are perfectly combined with a white background.
Colors in the living room Designers recommend using mint, turquoise and similar shades of green for the living room. For the style of "Classic" or "Neoclassic" you can choose wallpaper coffee color or light beige. If the living room combines the functions of a dining room, then for decoration you can use emerald green or aqua. Designers also predict a growing popularity of terracotta colors for the design of an apartment.
Bathroom. This room is made up depending on the selected rest of the interior of the room. The most appropriate in this room will be the style direction of minimalism or eco-design. Preferred colors corresponding to these types of directions are considered to be different shades of brown, gray and white. An excellent option would be to use blue, turquoise and white color solutions.
This year will be popular the next materials:

  • Textured wood
  • Stone savage
  • Natural pebbles
  • Shells
  • Live plants

An individual approach to creating an interior is very relevant today. This year you may express your imagination and experiment with combinations of various materials.